Lately I’ve been seeing and reading a lot about the importance of having a frictionless sales channel. Friction is any effort that the customer has to make before making a purchase – for example, having to register, having to fill in a form, having to choose a password, etc. Obviously you want to minimize this friction and maximize the percentage of customers that actually make it through your sales funnel. In my case, it’s not complicated, I just have a contact form where potential customers make the decision to get in touch with me (or not). Simple right? Well you wouldn’t believe how many people have different opinions on what a “contact me” page should look like. Over the last year I’ve changed my contact page a few times and this is what I’ve learned:

Contact form or email?

Do customers prefer to fill in a contact form, or do they prefer simply writing me and email? Answer: Filling a form! Yes 80% of people that contacted me over the last year actually used the form rather than emailing me. Explain that one. Anyway, whatever the reason is, I now put the contact form at the top of the page – rather than the bottom. I also use a simpler Captcha (for spam blocking) than I did before so now the customer doesn’t have to figure out what’s written on that ridiculously obscured image (I think the bots are actually better than humans at interpreting those things). I also removed the requirement to enter your company name – I can see what company most people are from in their email address anyway.

Phone number or no phone number?

Should you put up your phone number or not? Well I’ve always had it up there and continue to do so, but I’m not really sure if it is worth doing. Why? Because the large majority of people who actually use the number to contact me are sales people trying to sell me board assembly and PCB manufacturing services. Of all the customers and potential customers I’ve been contacted by over the last year, only two of them called my phone. So the question is, if I didn’t have my phone number up there, would those 2 customers still have contacted me? I think yes.

Anyway, how’s this for frictionless?

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