Reasons for excited about PES 2019

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Reasons for excited about PES 2019

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We have compiled a list of the top new features coming to Konami's long-running football series after this month. Last year's PES 2018 drew the plaudits once again, introducing a multitude of new features, including an internet co-op suite, a demonstration overhaul along with FIFA Mobile Coins an intuitive strategic dribbling system.PES 2019 is defined to be released earlier than normal this year, launching on August 28 in North America and August 30 elsewhere. Given that it's available a month prior to FIFA Mobile, should you purchase it to get your soccer fix on PS4 and Xbox One? Well, there are plenty of reasons why it should be considered by you -- here are two of these.

The tagline of'Magic Moments' was used to describe the gameplay of PES 2019, incorporating features and various new. The game features 11 new ability traits such as the pass, and focuses closely helping to replicate the playing styles of football celebrities. Adjustments and new animations have been added, lending a more realistic feel.

Konami have introduced what they call'Visible Fatigue' at PES 2019, reworking and enhancing the game's stamina system's importance. Players that are tired not only show signs of exhaustion through cutscenes and cartoons, but perform on the pitch. This works hand-in-hand with the newest subs feature, which provides a way of swapping out players on the fly.

If you're fortunate enough to have a PS4 Guru, Xbox One S/X or a compatible PC, then PES 2019 advantages from 4K HDR support. Our encounters with the game's demonstration have shown this to be quite a significant upgrade, with everything from stadiums to grass textures proving visually stunning. Crowds are also enhanced and you can pick snowy weather conditions for the first time in years.The most evident visual advancement in PES 2019 is the game's lighting, which varies based on the time of day. It is the end result of a global lighting system called Enlighten, which, according to an official press release unveiled back in May,"simulates indirect light reflected by objects in real time." It's also potential for the weather to change mid-game, determined by the pre-game settings you choose Buy FIFA Mobile 20 Coins.

For the very first time in ten decades, the UEFA Champions League is not in PES. Konami has worked hard to lower the pain, acquiring new permits to compensate for the reduction of the championship. Top-level leagues from countries such as Russia, Argentina, Portugal, Turkey and Scotland are featured, whilst new partner clubs (and stadiums) comprise Schalke 04, Celtic and Rangers.The PES series' answer to Ultimate Team has experienced a substantial transformation in PES 2019, shifting everything from player prices to instruction. The distinction is the addition of a FIFA-like card system for players, whose evaluations can increase according to how they play in real life. Konami has promised that Legends will feature alongside the stars like Cruyff and Maradona of previous year.

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