The developers are planning major changes before the release

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The developers are planning major changes before the release

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What changes at the UI? Around the user interface, players needed more customization after the tests. Westley Connor showed us some changes live. This enables the port to be adjusted independently. Each block, regardless of if minimap, ability bar or quest log, Buy Astellia Online Asper is movable and may be scaled to any size in size. Changes have been made to abilities port or the crafting to make it more intuitive and more easy to use.What changes in the entry? Another criticism in the beta evaluations was the tutorial, which turned out to be short and uninformative.

The developers are planning major changes before the release.More jobs in the game: In addition, the"Story of the Stars" system is introduced. The target is to locate, conquer or solve every one of these contents to finish a card completely.These changes will also be accompanied by a revision of this system of succeeding, which now holds over 700 achievements for you.

What occurs after the release? For the rest of 2019, the programmers of Astellia have some plans for the Western version. So particular events for Halloween and Christmas will find their way into the game. Additionally, the legendary dungeons and the Avalon PvP area will be opened in 2019, which are not directly available for beginning for motives of fairness.In addition, the sex lock for the past few classes still has to be removed. Westley Conner also spoke about Advanced Courses. Details did not exist yet.

It became famous around the European Astellia Online localizer plans to launch the closed beta testing, which will last until June 1st. It had been possible to acquire access in various ways and to tell the truth, it was rather straightforward to do if you spend a couple of minutes of your time walking around various foreign sites.The peculiarity of this first evaluation is that consumers will have the ability to touch virtually all available content of this version, until Saturday, every player can assess the pumping process by completing various quests and other pursuits.

On Saturday, the programmers will set a special NPC in the game world, where it's possible to immediately get level 50, so far as I recall, this is the greatest possible.The purpose of the article is to once again study the various features of this game process, which I talked about, relying in my own translation of the Korean version, with the arrival of a normal English customer, various features can be studied in far more detail.So basically the text below will include matters that some users might already partly know.

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