RPi Camera FMC

Part #: OP068
Description: FPGA Mezzanine Card for connecting up to 4x Raspberry Pi compatible cameras to FPGA development boards.
Vadj: 1.2V
Price: USD $299.00
HTS: 8525.50.3035
HS Code: 8525.50
Origin: Canada (CA)

Where to buy

(Ships from USA)
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The RPi Camera FMC is an FPGA Mezzanine Card that allows you to connect 4x Raspberry Pi cameras or compatible cameras to your FPGA board. For more detailed information on the RPi Camera FMC, including specifications, technical documents and example designs, please visit the product website.

  • 4x connectors for Raspberry Pi compatible cameras
  • Low pin count FMC
  • Reference designs for multiple FPGA/MPSoC development boards
  • Straightforward tech support

Frequently asked questions

What are the supported FPGA boards?

Please refer to the list of compatible boards.

What are the supported cameras?

This product is designed to support all cameras with the standard 15-pin Raspberry Pi camera interface. See the example designs for information on the specific cameras for which we currently have software support.

Do I need any purchased IP to use the RPi Camera FMC?

No. Our example designs use IP that is bundled with Vivado and free to use without a license.