Programmable delay line & pulse gate


Dr. Edward Allgeyer


Dr. Allgeyer is a postdoctoral associate for the Department of Cell Biology at Yale University in Connecticut, USA. His recent research has advanced the field of three-dimensional interferometric super-resolution microscopy.


Working with Jeff from Opsero wasn’t easy, it was a pleasure. From our first inquiry email to the present he has been instrumental in pushing our project forward. Jeff’s clear mission was to fully understand exactly what we wanted before the project started, thus, eliminating any delays later. We needed a computer controlled electronic delay capable of adjusting the synchronization between two 80MHz pulsed lasers with sub 50 picosecond resolution. Additionally, we needed to gate a detector signal based on the synchronization signals. We wanted all this in a small package with simple serial commands for full computer control and easy integration into our existing system. Not only did Jeff propose a timeline and budget that matched our needs he beat both and delivered three fully assembled, tested, and functional prototypes ahead of schedule and under budget. Working with Jeff on the development was very easy. He stayed in close contact and regularly provided updates on his progress and kept us aware of upcoming design decisions. He made sure we fully approved the design as it was developing and that it met all our requirements before moving forward with the prototype phase. Jeff regularly followed up after shipping the prototypes to make sure everything was working as designed. He helped troubleshoot problems we had integrating the devices into our existing system and has stayed in close contact to make sure everything is still working. I would fully recommend Opsero to anyone in academia or industry who needs to develop custom high speed electronics quickly at a very reasonable cost. We look forward to working with Opsero on future projects.

Dr. Edward Allgeyer

Yale University School of Medicine


  • Atmel Mega Microcontroller
  • Switching power supply accepts anything between 6-20V
  • USB 2.0
  • 10ps delay step-size
  • Micro-coax connectors for testing/debug
  • 50 ohm matched input/output impedances
  • Differential controlled impedance traces

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